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Tomorrow’s treasured family heirlooms begin with a photo session!









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Hi there!     

Each of us from Newborn to Ninety-nine, deserves to be remembered visually as our authentic and beautiful selves.  I love engaging and photographing kids of all ages and stages, drawing their delightful uniqueness out, and capturing images that you will forever treasure.

What fuels my desire to make photographs that truly are "Art that happens to be you and yours"?   My lifelong study of Art History along with my deep appreciation for people of all stages and circumstances.  It is a special honor to help families create beautiful memories that will be tomorrow's family treasures.   

Who commissions multi-generation portrait sessions?   People like you, proactive parents and grandparents who realize how fast our children and grandchildren  grow up and are eager to  freeze beautiful moments in time for our families to enjoy forever.

Briefly about me –  As an Art History major and a lifetime photography hobbyist it was inevitable that I would gravitate to helping families create beautiful memories and photographic art that is truly theirs.   My husband Bob and I met at the beginning of our college years, raised four great daughters, and love spending time with our four grandkids.  I absolutely love interacting with children of all ages and spend many happy years teaching elementary school and leading an educational non-profit helping to equip low-income kids for college and successful lives.   Having recently retired it is a joy to have more time to help families build their stories through portrait photography.

How can I help you make family memories today that will become your treasured heirlooms?  Let's connect and chat about creating portraits that will bring you joy every time they catch your eye!    Please call or email me to inquire about scheduling a photo session that will  be fun for your family and yield gorgeous results   Email: kerryfreemanphotography@gmail.com, call/text: 626.665.3319.

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